Friday, April 11, 2008

cute for siblings

There comes occasions in life where your children need to coordinate. Sometimes it for a picture or a party, but its nice for them to match. But I don't like my kids to be overly matchy matchy (ha! is that even a word??). I particularly like them to match though at the beach. We take a lot of great pictures at the beach and this is one outfit my little ones will definitely be sporting this summer.

For Charlie:

chiba indigo shirt by Tea Collection $36

I will most likely pair this shirt with a pair of khaki roll up pants for the summer. I will carry it into the fall by adding a longsleeve white tee underneath and put it with jeans or cargos.

For Gracie:

chiba indigo dress $48

I love the dress because I know we will get tons of wear out of it. This summer it will be worn just as is. Then to carry it into the fall, I will put a long sleeve white tee underneath it and throw on some jeans. She will be so stylin'!

The thing I try to do with dressing my kids is to invest in several great pieces for the season that I can pair with less expensive pieces and get great use out of all season long!


Morgan said...

So cute! The shirt is so cute and I looovvvee that dress!! Post pictures of Gracie in it!

charlie&gracie said...

I will! Thanks for reading!!