Monday, April 21, 2008

coming soon to MonkeeMoos.... Rock A Bow Baby!!!

A dear friend of mine makes awesome hair clips. We are working together to get them online ASAP! Until then, you can email me or come to the show next week with Jack's Harvest (email me if you want the evite at stephanie dot swanson at monkeemoos dot com).

Okay enough chatting here is a sneak preview of these awesome clips! I have way more styles than I am posting tonight! They are super reasonably priced too!

pink and purple flower clips

bumblebee and coordinating clip

ladybug and coordinating clip

primary color flower clips (these are one of my favs!)

And lastly, there will be simpler collections like this bright primary collection

These look super cute in Gracie's hair (what little she has!) and they stay in incredibly well. I have nothing but raves for Rock A Bow Baby hair clips!


Deb said...

Those are adorable!!

charlie&gracie said...

I love them too Deb! I can't wait to get them all photographed and online!

Tia said...

These are so cute, I think I want to try to make some for my granddaughter. Then when they are crooked and don't work and come apart, I'll come here and order these adorable, properly made ones!

Really, they look like a project to do with her but I know how that works out, I am NOT a crafter. And she does need hairbows, she keeps trying to use mine that are way too big!