Friday, May 2, 2008

When I brought my little bundle of joy home, I learned with the best of them to swaddle--often and tightly. But it seemed that my little girl also wanted to be close to me. So, I got the peanut shell sling and all was well in her world (and mine, of course). The Peanut Shell is a great baby sling and comes in the cutest prints as well as cotton and fleece options. After being recommended the micro fleece for newborns, I got a basic black so my husband could also carry and bond with her. Now, she is 23 pounds and we can still be close when I carry her on my hip!

Monkeemoos has the apple green sling micro fleece on sale right now, and there are other gorgeous, chic patterns to choose from! A sling not your babywearing style? Then don't forget to drop by Heavenly Hold to choose another type as well as enter their baby carrier contest for a free baby carrier valued to $100!

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Amber said...

I love the fun, green color of this Peanut Shell!