Tuesday, May 20, 2008

a little lovie by angel dear

When Bubbie was just a baby, a friend of mine gave him the blue lamb lovie by Angel Dear. He immediately attached himself to his "lambie" and I knew that we were going to need a back up. I tried to find them in a store, but couldn't so I did the next best thing and placed a wholesale order for lovies to sell at MonkeeMoos. They have continued to be one of my best sellers ever since! Bubbie still sleeps with his "lambie" every night, he actually has two now that he sleeps with. We have a back up at my mom's house, but he won't sleep with that one because it's "too clean" according to him!

I have washed our two well loved lambies a million times now and they wash and dry wonderfully! You can find a wide variation of lovies on MonkeeMoos ranging from "lambies" to pink poodles!! We have given lovies to numerous friends of ours now over the past 4 years and it's so cute to see the little ones that have attached to and still carry their lovie around!

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